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Original art by Robert C.A. Goff © Copyright Dreamsplice 2020


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Faerie and Bee 1 Faerie and Bee (wireframe) Bennik 1
Bennik 2 Bennik (wireframe) Faerie and Bee 2
Faerie and Bee (Orthogonal Camera) Bee of Glass Sailing to Shibam
Sailing to Shibam Rendered in Bryce 6.0. There are no models here. There is nothing here. The entire image consists of contours defined mathmatically by various fractals with specific seed values. The sun, clouds, land, fog, water, ripples, reflections and the tree are all generated by fractals. The tree is defined by branch thickness, branch frequency, branch length, bud frequency, etc. The image is a good example of how our eye interprets fractal lines and surfaces as "natural" or "organic".

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