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Original art by Robert C.A. Goff © Copyright Dreamsplice 2020


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Faerie and Bee 1 Faerie and Bee (wireframe) Bennik 1
Bennik 2 Bennik (wireframe) Faerie and Bee 2
Faerie and Bee (Orthogonal Camera) Bee of Glass Sailing to Shibam
Bee of Glass This is the same bee model as seen in the other renders. Here, I took the Zygote bee model and altered all of its textures to resemble colored glass, with transparency and translucency. The eyes are created using a 3D tile algorithm at a tiny scale and a turbulence, and with the tile algorithm also feeding into the bump map channel. The wings are actually flat, but an agressive bump map lifts the veins and presents a sense of very sharp glass edges.

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