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Original art by Robert C.A. Goff © Copyright Dreamsplice 2020


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Faerie and Bee 1 Faerie and Bee (wireframe) Bennik 1
Bennik 2 Bennik (wireframe) Faerie and Bee 2
Faerie and Bee (Orthogonal Camera) Bee of Glass Sailing to Shibam
Faerie teases bee with a flower (Orthogonal). This charming render is the identical setting as the previous image of the Faerie teasing the bee with a flower, but the camera angle is different. Instead of a perspective camera (with a specific focal length), this render uses an orthogonal camera with no perspective. Unfortunately, the DAZ woodland environment backdrop image, seen here, is not a woodland at all, but an image of a stylized midwestern American pastureland, complete with barbed-wire fence, the posts of which are visible between the faerie and the bee. The lighting and the gray weather give this a surrealistic quality.
Notice how the use of an agressive bump map on the faerie's clothing gives it the appearance of a deeply textured and somewhat worn textile. The apparent holes in the faerie's shirt are spots where a few of the "low" regions of the shirt's bump map have actually pushed vertices of the rendered mesh of the shirt below the surface of the faerie's skin, so the skin shows through.
The size of the specular light reflection that I used on the bee's legs is too narrow. The result is that these parts appear to be made of plastic. Soft or rough surfaces demonstrate a wide specular reflection, whereas hard surfaces are recognized by a narrow one. The specular size will determine whether we perceive a surface as dull or glossy.

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