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Faerie and Bee 1 Faerie and Bee (wireframe) Bennik 1
Bennik 2 Bennik (wireframe) Faerie and Bee 2
Faerie and Bee (Orthogonal Camera) Bee of Glass Sailing to Shibam
Faerie and Bee An early render. Created in Poser 6.0; rendered over a black background using shadow maps. The base model for the faerie is DAZ 'YoungTeen' boy (Luke), with the body and face morphed considerably to create the faerie. Since the human figure contained an order of magnitude more polygons than any of the other models, it was left at its original scale, and the vegetation, bees and mushroom were scaled 100 to 4000 times their original size.
The two bees, foreground and beneath the cap of the mushroom, are the same size. The mushroom has been shoved far into the distance, though that is not readily apparent.
The cape was originally for a larger character. It was scaled, positioned, then turned to cloth in the Poser cloth room. The figure posture was 'zeroed', then animated into the current pose within the cloth room in order to drape properly. Its surfaces use a weave 3D modifier, coarser on the back surface than on the front, and color settings.
The faerie's skin uses no image map, only colors, specular and translucency settings. This leaves it with an unconvincing flawlessness.
Bee model is from Zygote, with hair added to the thorax. In this early trial, the eye was rendered with a subtle grid surface. The original bump map for the eyes was far too crude to serve in such a close-up render. The undersurface of the agaric mushroom cap was created by DAZ with a stunning texture and bump map of gills. Since the story calls for a Boletus variety of mushroom, which has pores rather than gills, new textures and bump map were created. In this render, it still looks non-organic, like a perforated steel grate.

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