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SBCardTrak: Allows a small business to manage its Gift Card Program and Loyalty Card Program entirely in-house. Ideal for small retail businesses.

SBCardTrak is an ASP.Net thin-client application capable of running its logic and data store from Windows XP Professional or newer MS operating system on the back-end (as the "server"), and can be linked to by any in-house client systems running a modern Web browser. The application can be configured to operate securely over the Internet, to support a multi-site small business.

The back-end requires Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) version 5.0 or newer to serve ASP.Net pages to the requesting browsers. (This can be as straightforward as a typical desktop system running Windows XP Professional. IIS is a component of XP-Pro, but is not available in XP-Home.  SBCardTrak is also compatible with Windows Server 2000 or higher products with .Net 2.0 Framework or higher.)

The data store may be set-up on Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008 Express (available at no cost from Microsoft Downloads), SQL Server 2005/2008 Standard or SQL Server 2005/2008 Enterprise. SBCardTrak eliminates the costs associated with third-party Gift Card and Loyalty Card processing.  Barcode-labeled cards (available from many vendors) can be scanned into SBCardTrak using a typical POS laser scanner. No integration with your POS software is required, since SBCardTrak operates independently.

In a logical sense, SBCardTrak functions as though you maintained your gift certificate and customer discount records in a small file box beside the POS computer. From a functional standpoint, SBCardTrak behaves in a fashion similar to that of many 3rd-party card processing subscriptions that do not integrate directly into your POS software. The difference is that with SBCardTrak, you effortlessly manage it all in-house, and at a fraction of the cost of out-sourced processing.

Scaling: Number of Loyalty and Gift card transactions per hour is expected to be under 1000. Numbers of customers, cards, authorized users and most other database objects are limited only by the available hardware resources of the server.

Reporting: SBCardTrak provides numerous tracking and accounting reports, many of which may be sent to either a standard printer or any 40-column POS printer for which a Windows printer driver can be installed.

To discuss how SBCardTrak may fit your business needs, contact us today!

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