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Located in the New River Valley of southwest Virginia, near Blacksburg.
Manuscript Editing

Professional Manuscript Editing Services

Meticulous work. Quick turnaround.
Provided for your:
  • term paper
  • graduate thesis or dissertation
  • short story
  • novel
  • memoir
  • essay
  • résumé
  • book proposal
  • technical manual

I am a published author with experience in contemporary fiction, historical fiction, fantasy, science fiction, wilderness travel writing, philosophical excursions and technical writing in health sciences, information technology and computer programming. My formal education is in the hard sciences (biology, chemistry, mathematics) and in medicine, epidemiology and world health. I have taught many college-level courses in information technology--a field in which I hold numerous industry certifications.

Available services:

CodeServiceExpectationCost Note
ACopy Editing~250 words/page$2/page  
BDeep Editing~250 words/page$5/pageor $1000/50,000 words
CTyping or retypinglegible$2.50/pagehand written or poor legibility $15/hour
DCover Artoriginal image creation$400  
ECover Art with typographyready in Adobe Illustrator$700  
FBook Typographyready in MS Word$250  
GCharts/Tables/Graphs $25-$50 each  
HComplex Multi-tier Equations $20/hr  

Copy Editing consists of proofreading and minor corrections of word usage. Even the most accomplished writers will often miss simple errors within their own writing, though not in the writing of others. Book and magazine editors (as well as class instructors and potential employers) can easily spot submissions that have not been properly copy edited. Copy editing will include enforcement of typographical consistency.

Deep Editing (which will include final copy editing) delves into the structure of your writing, perhaps suggesting rewording of sentences, movement of paragraphs, clarifications, simplifications and other architectural considerations.

Short and long fiction will be reviewed for:
  • Character development
  • Plot
  • Point of view
  • Description
  • Dialog
  • Setting and pacing
  • Voice
  • Theme
Additionally, science fiction and fantasy will be assessed for:
  • the believability of the science
  • consistency of the fantasy system
Technical writing and dissertations will be reviewed for:
  • Clarity
  • Logical flow
  • Validity of assertions (within my expertise)
  • Quality and accuracy of charts and graphs
Please contact me to discuss whether my skills match your needs.

I do not ghost write term papers.

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